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Pictured for the first time since the army seized power, Jake Wallis Simons reveals the £7.5million Blue Roof mansion where Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe was held under house arrest.


The extraordinary story of how George Soros was saved from the Gestapo death squads by a humble Hungarian Catholic who hid him behind a cupboard is revealed for the first time by Jake Wallis Simons.

Miklós Prohászka risked his life to protect the teenage Soros at his Budapest home in 1944, but the hero has remained anonymous for 74 years.

Prohászka’s daughter has told how the chain-smoking son of a shopkeeper was one of a small number of Hungarians willing to put his family’s lives on the line for Jews, refusing to take a penny for hiding the boy.

The dramatic new details of the billionaire’s early years can be exposed for the first time today after a major investigation by MailOnline spanning Hungary, Sweden and the United States.



This is the astonishing moment the two Russian novichok assassins casually window-shopped in Salisbury just minutes after they tried to murder former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

The first footage seen of the killers, obtained exclusively by Jake Wallis Simons, shows the two men looking relaxed and good-humoured as they sauntered down the street towards Salisbury station to make their getaway.


Jake Wallis Simons joins a group of illegal migrants as they tried to slip over the border from Greece into Macedonia in the night, under the noses of the border police and feared Macedonian army.

Pictures by Jake Wallis Simons and Dimitris Legakis. Film by Jake Wallis Simons.



With Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria spreading death and havoc across the Caribbean, Jake Wallis Simons travelled 100 miles by speedboat to become the first British journalist to reach the devastated island of St Maarten. There he launched a drone to reveal the astonishing destruction wreaked on the island by winds of up to 225mph.

Pictures by Thomas Maddick.


A gang of vigilantes led by a violent neo-Nazi is going on night time ‘migrant patrols’ on the streets of Finland, with some members talking of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the wake of the country’s mounting immigration crisis. Jake Wallis Simons goes on patrol with the group — and uncovers the shocking truth behind it.

Pictures and film by Roland Hoskins.



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